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by Revelation Boulevard Publishing

Crusade against Cancers  by Diane Bishop

Fed Up with Chemo?

Hoping to Find Alternative Cancer Solutions?

“[This book] has the ability to change the tide

in how we look at cancer treatment.”

—Jim Mullowney

Founder and CEO,


Jerry Hussey’s cancer odyssey—five cancers over eleven years—compelled a shift from conventional treatments to natural health when the medical system had nothing left to offer.

The more he and his wife, Diane, researched holistic options, the more hopeful and inspired they became. They discovered:


  • In 1931, a physiologist received a Nobel Prize for proving a key, underlying cause of cancer.

  • Natural solutions for cancer already exist and have been saving lives around the world for more than seventy years.

  • To alternative health experts, the disease isn’t a mystery. Insights, knowledge, and solutions are all available.


Together Jerry and Diane consulted natural health care specialists. With fresh optimism, they started a journey of knowledge and empowerment . . . and an unexpected quest for truth.

Journey with them as Diane, a natural health practitioner herself, reveals their extraordinary, true story and a wealth of natural options available.

Diane Bishop Hussey—a registered natural health practitioner, life coach, author, and speaker—is on a mission to raise awareness of the many facets of cancer, including holistic, nature-based cancer prevention and alternative solutions.


Diane has been involved with natural health since 2009.  In addition, she is an ordained chaplain with an associate’s degree in ministry.

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